Bringing rice back to life

Once you make rice and have left overs, every time you reheat it, it just dries out and becomes terrible. Here is ways to bring your rice back to life.

I grew eating milk rice (milchries) similar to rice pudding but more dry, or no pudding. Reheat milk rice is awful.

So here is my two step way to bring rice back to life.

Pour milk into the bowl, fill quarter of the way and then fill with rice. Microwave for a minute. Wet a towel, wrap the towel around the bowl and microwave for another minute.

Tada best reheated rice ever!


Not from scratch

Cake from scratch

Going to throw this rant out there. If there is a recipe for a cake idea, and in the recipe ingredient list it reads

1 box mix cake

That does not make your cake from scratch! It still came from a box.


So a friend recently made bread and forgot to add yeast and wanted to know how to add the yeast into a dough ball. I have two methods that work.

Method one: incorporating

Make another small batch of dough with yeast and knead it into the existing dough.

Method two: bloomed yeast

Take yeast and bloom it in water (regardless if its instant or not) and take the dough ball, degas it and make an opening in the dough ball and pour in activated yeast, remix the dough and proof for much longer.

Those are methods I have tested out in my own bread production and I know they work.